So its almost a wonder that the human race is still existing. the amount of friends and colleagues who have had children who only have negative shit to say is astounding. all i get most days is “wait till your covered in baby sick”, “you’re gonna be so tired”, “you’re gonna be covered in baby shit”. Give it a rest everyone – there must be something positive about having a child is there not? or else why the hell do people keep doing it? it cant just be all the bad stuff surely? and if it is, then why do people keep going on about it??

even a lot of these mummy blogs keep moaning about how shit and hard life is with a child. I’m not imagining it to be all covered in perfect fairy dust and so on, but there must be something good that comes out of it!

This post in particular is going to be an interesting one to read after a few weeks of being a baby daddy… and to decide on whether having this baby child has been a good or a bad thing. i have no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be a good thing. i just wonder how much alcohol i will need to consume in order for it to be fun.