I struggled enough when i wasn’t a parent to eat properly. Now with a constant, aching tiredness and general exhaustion it seems a minor miracle to be able to eat anything at all, let alone it be healthy or any good for you.

Biscuits seem to be the main culprit, they give you that immediate sugar kick that you need right when you need it to get you through the next 10 minutes to deal with the screaming child seems like such a good idea at the time, but when you’ve eaten two packets for lunch (and only two packets), for the fourth day in a row – sluggish would be one word to describe you.

And it’s not even the cooking that i really struggle with. The problem is having the time and the brain power to sit and plan the meals so that you can get the ingredients from the shop to make a half decent dinner. I rarely get a chance to think about what I’m doing in the next hour or whether i’m going to get a chance to have a cup of tea, let alone for dinner for the whole of next week. So more often that not, when i get to do some coking and i look in the fridge – its just a hard bit of cheese and some wilted salad. And a pack of biscuits…


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