Two Long months

holy crap, why did no one tell me i would have no time to do anything when i started this?!

only kidding if there was one cliched bit of advice that everyone gave me – it was make the most of your time before your child is born, you will wonder what you did with all the time.

and it turns out to be completely true.

I started writing this blog as a way to help me deal with bringing a child into the world, and to also document my feelings and thoughts along the way. It has been nigh on impossible though to have time for a shower let alone get the laptop out and try and get some thoughts down.

That said – i think there might be an ever so slight resemblence of a routine starting, so i may well be able to factor in some time to do a brain fart/blog about being a dad whilst still trying to keep this baby alive!

Time is already spinning by at an alarming rate, 10 weeks old already. it feels like i know nothing, but i must have learnt something right? i’ll try and explain anything an everything in more regular blogs!




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