Too much/Too Little

Having been a dad for about 10 days now. This title seems to sum up pretty much everything you ask yourself about being  parent. Is she too hot or too cold? too many layers or not enough layers, too many feeds or too little feeds, too many poos or too little poos…

the list is quite literally endless, and you cast doubt over everything that you do. its not help by the fact that every question or doubt you have in your mind (of which there are many) Google has a thousand different forums with a hundred thousand posts from random people all over the ointment with a (very strong) opinion on what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your little one.

It’s enough to drive a man insane.

there is no specific advice to offer from me i’m afraid. albeit to say that someone recently told us that parenting gets a hell of a lot easier when you stop listening to other people on how raise your child and you just listen to yourself, follow your instincts and whatever feels right for you and you’ll be fine.

i think i’ll go with that.


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