Beer and baby

So I’ve had the baby for a week now, and I’m desperate for a beer. With the baby still getting up a few times throughout the night,this proves to be a dilemma. i mean its hard enough waking up at 2am for an hour trying to coax a baby back to sleep. But doing that after having had a beer or two is only going to make matters much much worse isn’t it?

Unfortunately this has coincided with me getting really into my craft beer, so i have a large quantity of cold tasty craft beer all ready to be drunk.

the mum is also gagging for a nice glass of wine. but again, getting up numerous times through the night is only going to be harder with a groggy head.

to combat all this, so far i have started guzzling alcohol free beers… it gives the sense that you are supping on a cold beer, but doesn’t give you the fuzzy head at 3am. unfortunately it also doesn’t give you that slightly warm relaxed feeling, and onset quite hit the spot in the same way that real beer does.

So for the first time i have now sampled a fair range of alcohol free beers. this is somethings never thought i’d hear myself type. So far i have tried the following:

  • Erdinger Alkohol frei
  • San Miguel 0%
  • Becks blue
  • Bavaria
  • Brew Dog Nanny State

and to be honest they are not that bad… currently my favourite is either brew dog or san miguel. the disadvantage of the brew dog is that it is bloody expensive!

So for now i am maintaining the alcohol free beer route, but i long for the day i can crack open a full on craft beer and sip in its glorious nectar.




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