First outing with baby

So today we took our first outing, 8 days after being born our little baby daughter is out hitting the coffee shops of West London. what a socialite. in truth the baby obviously isn’t worried or concerned about being out and about. we as parents are worried, but we have succumbed to the fact that we don’t really know what we are doing and that all hell could break lose whilst we are out. you know those annoying parents who look exhausted and have the screaming child in the coffee shop whilst you are trying to work on your macbook pro? yeah thats us, and what? We’ve earned this time out, we’ve been stuck inside for weeks and been told repeatedly that we should be resting and that we should not be out, but have you any idea how good it feels to get out of the house!

Right now we are sat in  coffee shop and the baby doing absolutely fine, and the mother is enjoying being out of the house. so at the risk of the baby screaming down a coffee shop. i’d say get out of the house as soon as you can, get some fresh air and get back to a life as soon as you can. you, the baby and the mum will feel all the better for it.


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