Day 4

So the first few days with the baby, are actually relatively sublime. She sleeps a lot, and when she’s not sleeping, she’s eating. and if your breastfeeding, then there is not much that you can do to help. Very little crying, and lots of cute sleeping.

For us day 4 and all hell broke loose. We are trying to establish breastfeeding and for the first few days the breast milk hasn’t fully arrived. it takes a few days for the hormones to kick in and the amazing act of biology to take hold. When the milk arrives, it arrives in showstopping style. the breast balloon, as in huge, and they are so large that the baby cannot latch on properly. So the baby cries and cries a lot. the baby gets more stressed the more it can’t latch on, so it cries more, which in turn stresses you out even more, which makes latching even harder.

We are not experts in breastfeeding, but somehow over the course of 24 hours we managed to get a routine down that seemed to work, so that after a full day of screaming and sore breasts, the feed that was due at 3.30am the following morning – as soon as we heard a whimper form the baby, we jumped into action and excited a ridiculously couples preparation and breastfeeding session with military precision. we allowed ourselves a little high five after that.

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