Days after birth

So all the research you really do once you find out your pregnant is heavily biased towards the actual birth experience. The stuff you read and advice you get for the days, weeks and months ahead are vaguely all blurred into one thing called parenthood.

There are however significant milestones in your childs journey all within the first week (we are currently now on day 6).

when being spoken to by midwives and health care professionals, it all sounded like a normal thing – “what day are you on? day 3, ahh yes that happens on day 3”

The day of the actual birth is known as Day 0, and the the day after is Day 1. Day 1 feels like the first day that you are actually a dad, the stress and rigours of the labour and the birth are over and now you are on the ward, or maybe even at home and it is just the three of you starting to figure this shit out. And after day 1 you may well be thinking that you got this parenting thing down, we were on the word and the baby had a few feeds in the morning and then pretty much slept the whole afternoon when we had visitors – with parents all remarking how good she is – by the end of the day you may think that all this stress about parenting is a load of nonsense. Day 2, you might even get the same thing. and if your lucky day 3 as well. Day 4 is a cluster fuck of hell and will make you wish you had never even considered the idea of having a baby. its a combination of the babies stomach quadrupling in size (or something crazy like that)_, the mother milk changing so it takes a different way of suckling for the baby to feed, hormones taking control and tiredness kicking in. there are no words to describe the stress you feel with a screaming baby trying to feed on a breast that it can’t feed on, the only thing that can help are calm and soothing emotions, but all you can do is get more stressed!

all this is not helped by the fact, that in establishing breast feeding – you are essentially useless. no matter how tired and exhausted the mother is, she has to step up to sort out the breastfeeding. whilst you look on unhelpfully drinking another coffee from the hospital canteen.




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