So we went into labour. After all the books that have been written and that you’ve read, all the articles, and  all the Google searches you do… nothing quite prepares you for what to do next. Its obviously quite hard for people to give advice on what to do, because every single one is slightly different. Our waters broke early on a monday morning, my fiancé was in a fair bit of pain and uncomforted and potential shock. I felt it falling to me to know what to do and what part of the plan to initiate. but i had no idea, everything went blank and i referred back to text books i hadn’t read in ages telling me what to do.

In truth I think this is one of those things in life that you never really know what is going on overall. you just take each step as it comes and deal with whatever it brings you. We ended up having a fantastic team at Kingston Hospital who were brilliant from the very outset.

As the dad i believe it is the duty of you to be the cool and organised head, and do whatever is asked of you during labour. And do not at any point lose your shit about what is going on, even if you are losing it on the inside hold it together – at least until the baby is out.


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