One week to go…

Ok. so here’s the rub. i set up this blog to try and record how ive been feeling as a dad over these first 9 months and i’ll admit i haven’t updated this blog as much as i would like. and already i have found myself one week out and 9 months has absolutely flown by! I have absolutely no idea if I’ve prepared enough – I’ve not even read one proper book yet all the way through – does this make me a failure before i have even started?

have I been reading to the baby enough? When i first read that its good to read to the baby, i downloaded all seven of the harry potter books to my kindle with the sole intention of reading solidly to the bump every night. at the very least i was hoping to get through the Philsophers stone. in truth i havent even got to the part where Dumbledore leaves privet drive after dropping harry off as a baby at the Dursleys. you just get in from work and cook dinner and all you wanna do is watch telly and go to sleep/ i sound like the worst parent in the world already.

What i have achieved however is getting the car seat in and out of the car like an absolute Pro. i can almost guarantee that when we bring her home, getting in and out of the car will be an absolute breeze.

so this next week is an odd one. I’m still at work just plodding through the day as if nothing weird is about to happen – safe in the knowledge that at any time soon i will receive a phone call and my life will change dramatically. forever. i have moments of forgetting about it and i’m just getting on with my work. and then all of a sudden, i remember again and it hits me like a train.

one week.

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