So NCT is a whole new world. literally i had never heard of it, until we became pregnant. I had seen birthing classes on films and so on, where theres lots of women breathing and awkward dads around. But never thought I’d end up in an actual class myself.

To be completely honest – they are nowhere near as bad as the movies will make you believe. You go sit in a church hall, or in our case some secondary school dinner hall of an evening. Everyone is knackered as they have inevitably rushed straight from work. The leader is lovely if slightly crazy woman who will talk to you about all the different stages of Labour and giving birth. The level of self participation is actually pretty low and you don’t have to do anything embarrassing.

the only awkward times are the milling around the kettle making and sipping tea, eating the biscuits or waiting for the (small school child size) toilets. Have a few standard “So what do you do then?” questions up your sleeve and you will be fine.

An actual plus side to it all is that we’ve already been for our first afternoon pub session. It is literally the perfect excuse to go to the pub and have a few pints, as the other half cannot say no, or even be annoyed by the fact! Win win.

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