Dad Duties

So at the moment i’m still not a dad. but with 4 weeks till the due date, it kinda feels like i am.

What are my concerns so far? Number one is which Car Seat i should have got. Jesus christ this is an absolute minefield. i thought that buying the right sort of buggy was complicated but the car seat is a whole other level. The main problem with getting the car seat, is that you feel like you have to get it right. With a buggy the worst that’s going to happen is that you might look a bit stupid trying to get on the bus without being able to fold it down properly, with a car seat – you got to get it right so that if (god forbid) you’re in a crash then it going to save your childs life. The car seat companies, have not made easy for the discerning and panicky father to be, so many different but very similar names – isofix, izi fit, be safe, iso fit, i size compliant . Some of them are brands and some are safety systems. Then you get the age groups – 0, 0+, 1-4, 0+-4, all of which mean for different ages. Then they seem to tell you which group is for what ages, except some manufacturers use ages, and some use baby height, and some use baby weight, then with the measurements some are imperial and some are metric. Basically it’s all fucking mental. and none of it makes fucking sense. and its going to cost you hundreds of pounds – and you’ll probably get it wrong.

So after you’ve worked yourself up into a complete mess over the above, you think to yourself ok. If i go into a big Mothercare or John Lewis, they’ll sort me out. You end up with an over enthusiastic shop assistant just saying yes to what ever in order to get you to buy something.

In the end we have gone for a maxi cosi something for god knows how many hundreds of pounds. Safe in the knowledge that this thing only lasts till they’re about 12 months iso. and then we have to go through the whole process again. Happy Days.

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