I struggled enough when i wasn’t a parent to eat properly. Now with a constant, aching tiredness and general exhaustion it seems a minor miracle to be able to eat anything at all, let alone it be healthy or any good for you.

Biscuits seem to be the main culprit, they give you that immediate sugar kick that you need right when you need it to get you through the next 10 minutes to deal with the screaming child seems like such a good idea at the time, but when you’ve eaten two packets for lunch (and only two packets), for the fourth day in a row – sluggish would be one word to describe you.

And it’s not even the cooking that i really struggle with. The problem is having the time and the brain power to sit and plan the meals so that you can get the ingredients from the shop to make a half decent dinner. I rarely get a chance to think about what I’m doing in the next hour or whether i’m going to get a chance to have a cup of tea, let alone for dinner for the whole of next week. So more often that not, when i get to do some coking and i look in the fridge – its just a hard bit of cheese and some wilted salad. And a pack of biscuits…


Am I Doing This Right?

This is a question i ask myself at least every waking minute that I’m with the baby. So often in fact that i don’t even really here myself saying it anymore – but i do. Over every little thing.

Self doubt is a ridiculous thing – and quite a hard one to write about. You’re doing everything in your power to do things correctly with the little one. but there are just so many options about how to do things, and every way seems to have a pros and cons. we found ourselves thinking the other day wondering if what we were doing with our baby is what other parents are doing with theirs? we have no idea, if what we are doing is any good or what.

i know there’s no answer for this, but it just seems so odd, that we have this amazingly precious life – and no one really knows what they are doing.

Two Long months

holy crap, why did no one tell me i would have no time to do anything when i started this?!

only kidding if there was one cliched bit of advice that everyone gave me – it was make the most of your time before your child is born, you will wonder what you did with all the time.

and it turns out to be completely true.

I started writing this blog as a way to help me deal with bringing a child into the world, and to also document my feelings and thoughts along the way. It has been nigh on impossible though to have time for a shower let alone get the laptop out and try and get some thoughts down.

That said – i think there might be an ever so slight resemblence of a routine starting, so i may well be able to factor in some time to do a brain fart/blog about being a dad whilst still trying to keep this baby alive!

Time is already spinning by at an alarming rate, 10 weeks old already. it feels like i know nothing, but i must have learnt something right? i’ll try and explain anything an everything in more regular blogs!



Christmas with a newborn

There’s probably going to be lots to write about this topic. But my main concern right now is how much to spend on christmas novelty baby grows for my newborn.

Obviously christmas baby grows are ridiculously expensive, as they are preying on the cuteness of newborns. Having said that I’m only going to have newborn at christmas once in a lifetime. So surely now is the time to buy all the ridiculous santa helper, and christmas pudding outfits i can afford?

theres the other problem, i can’t afford anything, I’m skint. I should probably spend money on eating well and staying active. But i just wanna but an xmas jumper for the baby.

I’m hoping that my money management skills get better with age.

Jinxing It

You know that feeling when you have had that week, that day, that hour or even that minute where your baby has had a melt down and it looks like you might actually be doing something right because they are seeping or at the very least lying contendtendly without screaming like a banshee.

Whatever you do at this point, do not congratulate yourself or turn to your partner (or anyone for that matter) and be like – hey, you know what we are doing alright here. It’s the universes way of being told to fuck you up at the next opportunity. Lo and behold within at least a day (usually a lot less) whatever you thought you were doing well and/or right will now be completely wrong and your baby will be going mental. and you’ll be back to the drawing board about how to calm it the hell down.


Too much/Too Little

Having been a dad for about 10 days now. This title seems to sum up pretty much everything you ask yourself about being ┬áparent. Is she too hot or too cold? too many layers or not enough layers, too many feeds or too little feeds, too many poos or too little poos…

the list is quite literally endless, and you cast doubt over everything that you do. its not help by the fact that every question or doubt you have in your mind (of which there are many) Google has a thousand different forums with a hundred thousand posts from random people all over the ointment with a (very strong) opinion on what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your little one.

It’s enough to drive a man insane.

there is no specific advice to offer from me i’m afraid. albeit to say that someone recently told us that parenting gets a hell of a lot easier when you stop listening to other people on how raise your child and you just listen to yourself, follow your instincts and whatever feels right for you and you’ll be fine.

i think i’ll go with that.

Beer and baby

So I’ve had the baby for a week now, and I’m desperate for a beer. With the baby still getting up a few times throughout the night,this proves to be a dilemma. i mean its hard enough waking up at 2am for an hour trying to coax a baby back to sleep. But doing that after having had a beer or two is only going to make matters much much worse isn’t it?

Unfortunately this has coincided with me getting really into my craft beer, so i have a large quantity of cold tasty craft beer all ready to be drunk.

the mum is also gagging for a nice glass of wine. but again, getting up numerous times through the night is only going to be harder with a groggy head.

to combat all this, so far i have started guzzling alcohol free beers… it gives the sense that you are supping on a cold beer, but doesn’t give you the fuzzy head at 3am. unfortunately it also doesn’t give you that slightly warm relaxed feeling, and onset quite hit the spot in the same way that real beer does.

So for the first time i have now sampled a fair range of alcohol free beers. this is somethings never thought i’d hear myself type. So far i have tried the following:

  • Erdinger Alkohol frei
  • San Miguel 0%
  • Becks blue
  • Bavaria
  • Brew Dog Nanny State

and to be honest they are not that bad… currently my favourite is either brew dog or san miguel. the disadvantage of the brew dog is that it is bloody expensive!

So for now i am maintaining the alcohol free beer route, but i long for the day i can crack open a full on craft beer and sip in its glorious nectar.